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Registering to NIAG events requires no log-in credentials. Open events are visible in the table below this text. Please select an event and fill in the registration form. You will be requested to open the terms and conditions (by clicking the "here" button) before completing the questionnaire.

NIAG EXPLORATORY GROUP MEETING 16 APRIL 2024 SG301NIAG Exploratory Group Meeting on Weapon iNIAG EXPLORATORY GROUP MEETING ON WEAPON INTEROPERABILITY/ INTERCHEANGEBILITY FOR THE NEXT GENERATION OF AInteroperability / interchangeability for the next generation of Air Combat platforms weapons and decoys​​​16/04/2024Exploratory Group
NIAG EXPLORATORY GROUP MEETING 19 April 2024 SG302NIAG Exploratory Group Meeting on Next Generation SBAMD System Requirements and Concept of Employment19/04/2024Exploratory Group
NIAG EXPLORATORY GROUP MEETING 30 April 2024 SG304NIAG Exploratory Group Meeting on I and Big Data Analytics in the Maritime Domain30/04/2024Exploratory Group
NIAG EXPLORATORY GROUP MEETING 02 May 2024 SG305NIAG Exploratory Group Meeting AI Support to Internal Battle Damage in Warships02/05/2024Exploratory Group
NIAG EXPLORATORY GROUP MEETING 14 May 2024 SG306NIAG Exploratory Group on the Digital thread and the importance of Configuration Management to data quality and traceability14/05/2024Exploratory Group
NIAG EXPLORATORY GROUP MEETING 21 May 2024 SG303NIAG Exploratory Group Meeting on NATO Medium and Large Caliber Direct Fire Munition Interoperability21/05/2024Exploratory Group