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Registering to NIAG events requires no log-in credentials. Open events are visible in the table below this text. Please select an event and fill in the registration form. You will be requested to open the terms and conditions (by clicking the "here" button) before completing the questionnaire.

NIAG PLENARY ON 09-10 MARCH 2021NIAG PLENARY ON 09-10 MARCH 202108/03/2021Plenary Meeting
NIAG Exploratory Group meeting on 23 March 2021NIAG study on Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) Survivability and Effectiveness in Joint Operations when faced by a Peer State Threat23/03/2021Exploratory Group
NIAG Exploratory Group meeting on 30 March 2021Joint-Domain NATO Rotorcraft Interoperability and Survivability in a Peer Nation Threat Environment30/03/2021Exploratory Group