Welcome to the NATO Award System (NAS)

NAS is an online portal to enter and submit online application for Grants. What does this mean, well NATO supports collaboration through established grant Divisions, these are the Public Diplomacy Division (PDD) and Emerging Security Challenges (ESC).

Interested applicants must develop a collaborative activity that fits within one of the NATO objectives. Interested Applicants will find generic Information of potential Grants and the application requirements on the dedicated Websites for Public Diplomacy Division (PDD) and Emerging Security Challenges (ESC).

When you did a research and plan to apply for Grants from NATO, you will be forced to enter an Online Application via the NATO Award System (NAS).

How does this work, well you will first visit the Divisional Pages and check for Call for Proposals or Special Calls. If you identified a specific Call which is in your area of expertise, you can click on the link and start the Application.

If you are new, you need to register yourself as a user (User registration) first. If you already registered as a user, you can login with your credentials and the Application Wizard will be started. The Application Wizard, will guide you through the application process. You can save your work anytime. You can invite other Users to contribute to an application. When you are sure that you provided all supporting information and documents (via Upload) you can submit the Application.

The Grants Administrator at NATO will receive a Notification for a new application and start the NATO internal review and evaluation process. You can track the status of your application via the NAS Portal any time. There is a separate section called My Applications.

For changes or further request there is a change request form available next to the Title of your application. In case of question you can download this Application Entry Manual.

Many thanks for your interest and contribution